domingo, 15 de outubro de 2017

Halloween Tale - The Roommate

For a while, I've been hearing my friends constantly say, "You're a writer? Are your books in English or Portuguese?" And when I reply, it's usually followed by the usual, "Too bad, I might read them if they were in English."

Of course, being an avid traveller has turned my circle of friends wider, but most of them are also foreigners, thus all of them being able to speak English but with little knowledge of Portuguese.

Last year, I then decided to try something new in my writing. I had an idea for a Halloween story but I wanted to try something different, and see if I could reach more people with my stories. So I decided to pick up the world created in «Sombras» and «Chamas» in a very subtle way, but with completely different characters. 

And so was «The Roommate» born. A short-story with only 6,000 words that happens during Halloween times. 

Since I only had 2 days to outline it, write it and revise it, I didn't have a lot of time for marketing before the publishing day. 31st October, but hopefully this year I will get some more readers to enjoy it!!

You wanna know what it's it about?

Melissa just moved into her new dorm. She hopes that new friendships will help her forget the events of last year that brought her there. But while her past keeps on creeping in and a chain of mysterious murders start happening around her, Melissa is left without knowing who to trust. 

Hope you like it! It's available for free at:

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