quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015

Why writers lead better lives than others

As I was reading an article on writing I came up with an advice that said “turn the lights and music off, and listen to the rain”. This advice especially moved because on that very same day as I was leaving the house I had been attentively paying attention to what I like to call “the sounds of London”, my brain just kept working as I was trying to absorb all in and trying to come up with ways to describe how the two floor bus sounds different from the everyday car, and how the planes fly over my head …

Later that day I went to my bedroom and sat on my bed, that normally causes me to face a wall of pictures and memories, but it was raining and there were small drops on my window. I did not want to face a white wall, I wanted to look outside and see the naked branches dance unrithmically against each other. I wanted to see the tall pikes of the nearby church visible from my bedroom trying to touch the grey sky, and I wanted to see that black small bird that had already wandered too much from its tree.

The point is, I did not needed to follow that advice, I was already doing it. And yes, Beethoven’s Spring Sonata may have been playing in the background but that was because the rain was a simple pitter-patter.

Writers, just like artists, find beauty in the outmost ordinary things in life. My mum’s green eyes smudged with brown near its iris amazes me. The cold seaweed smell of the ocean soothes me. The way each note is played in a piano sends shivers down my spine and the drumming of a djembe feels me with energy. We just record everything in our minds and find beauty in what is simple.

A fellow writer once told me “writing is the only form of art that does not require sense”. People need their ears to listen to music, their eyes or touch to see and feel art, their mouths to sing and their bodies to dance. Writers just feel all of those senses intensely but do need none in order to perform their art, they just put one letter after the other and make people feel with their imagination… is imagination a sense? I do not recall learning that in school. 

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