quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2015

Pick Up A Weirdo - Compliment more

Today the strangest thing happened. Strange for me since it's not something that happens to me everyday...

I was having my day off at the Huasi Lodge where I am now doing some Workaway experience, and I started talking to this old guy staying there. He was telling me how he had a fake stamp on his passport and was worried that he might get deported. 

I listened, not being able to do much else since immigration is not really one of my specialties and knowing that the only thing I could do was to offer to do some translation from Spanish, but also compeletely aware that my boss would be a much wiser choice. 

He just ended up thanking me and explaining me his whole situation and asking me my plans for the future. I can't say I have anything planned out, right now I am torned with the fact that I don't have money to go to China like I want to and doing some travelling in the US of A!

He seemed excited about the idea of the United States, offering me his brother's contact if I ever passed by Virginia.

The point is later that day, he came back and told me something:

He told me how, without meaning to sound flirtatious he complimented a young girl in the same dorm as him, saying "Hey, the beauty sleep must be really working for you." She was surprised and told him that as weird as it seems it wasn't something she heard that often.

He then decided to come back to me and tell me how beautiful I was and that that morning he was having a really rough morning and somehow I made it better with my contagious "bubbly" personality. That was something that I was quite shocked to hear because as an introvert who is quite sometimes confused as arrogant, being happy and bubbly is not something I hear a lot.

"Right! People normally thing that of you cause they don't know you and misunderstand you. I feel blessed because you've decided to show your extroverted side with me and made me start my day on the right foot and gave me a lot of confidence to deal with my problems. And sometimes you might not have the idea of the effect you have on people, so I just wanted to share that with you."

How wonderful would it be if people all decided to be like this old hippie man, who just wishes to spread compliments everywhere he goes, if instead of being so afraid of how we feel or what other people might think we would just be honest and smile to strangers, compliment on others beauty, others clothes, instead of being so focused on what they have of negative, or what they have that we envy.

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