sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2015

Pick Up A Weirdo - La Ronda

Since, my old Aussie couple and the British girl left, I've found a another Aussie guy to be my dinner mate. It's nice, because unlike Paracas, the lodge is not full of volunteers so I don't have that many opportunities to socialise and that is something that brings me down a little, since I already miss home like crazy!!!

So, the Aussie just does his life during the day, sometimes we will share a tv show in the afternoon, and go out for dinner at night, since he is travelling alone and is a bit stranded here waiting for the girl he likes to get some free time, I guess he is also a little bit lonely.

We decided to finally see La Ronda, very popular at night in Quito. It is quite a magical place, and it reminds me a little of Bairro Alto in Portugal, with its steep streets, little bars and restaurants, vibrating with music and some people talking outside. But it is also one hundred per cent South American with its typical latino music.

We dared trying the costumary "vino hervido". I can't say it goes well with food but I'm not the best wine appreciator and my dinner mate is still deciding wether he likes it or not. It's quite fruity and sweet similar to the one I had tried with Mo and David back in Cusco.

With the effects of the wine working on us we start ranting about our latest failed attempts on romance whilst travelling, he tells me about the girl he came to Quito for and I tell him about my experience from Paracas, the only person I ever told about was David when we met in Cusco so it felt nice to have someone telling me how the lost was all on the other dude (since the only thing David can tell me is "Trish, I can't believe you have feelings!!)

Later on, the restaurant starts to get its karaoke machine pulled out and a line of anxious singers starts to form. "I think it's time to get out of here," my dinner mates rushes before we have to listen to the desperate untuned singers.

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